How to Sleep with Curly Hair

How to Sleep With Curly Hair

Those without curly hair don’t know the struggle. Most people with curly hair are up all night because they don’t know the best way to sleep without making their hair frizzy or possibly damaging it. That’s why we are here to help.

The Pineapple

This method is called the pineapple because it looks like the fruit that’s occupied by sponges and is the subject of pizza-related Facebook debates. The pineapple involves the person turning their hair upside-down. Afterwards, the person gathers all the hair at the head’s top. The area between your crown and forehead is ideal, unless your hair is shorter. In that case, go as far as you can. A cloth or scrunchie can hold it in place, preferably with a loose secure, as it won’t damage your hair as much. Be careful with how you tighten it.

This method works because you’re not going to be sleeping on your hair, keeping it defined and preventing frizziness.

An alternative method you can try is the multi-pineapple, which involves making smaller pineapples for each side of your head. This is great if your hair is shorter and you can’t turn it into one big pineapple. Give it a go, and see if it works for you.

A Headband

A headband, head scarf, buff, whatever you want to call it, can save your hair. You stretch it out until it’s around your neck, then tilt your head upside-down. Afterwards, tug the top of the headband as gently as possible until it covers your hair.

One thing you want to be cautious of is your hair’s length. If it’s too long, you may need to tie the top of your head. Otherwise, this method works because the fabric keeps the head upwards, meaning that you will not sleep on it. Also, there is no indent, unlike a scrunchie.

It can be an effective way, but it does have some problems. For one thing, it may fall off during sleeping if you’re a tosser. For another, it can feel a little uncomfortable, especially in a warm room. Some people, especially light sleepers, may not want to use this method.

The Two-Strand Twist

This is quite a versatile method. For one thing, it works with hair that’s dry or wet. Your curls will tighten if your hair is damp, however. You take your hair, divide it in two parts, and then braid it from its root to the very end.

This method works well because it won’t make your hair flatten when you are sleeping. With that said, you need to have some experience braiding to get the most out of it, even if the braiding isn’t as complicated as you would think.

Other braid combinations can also work as well. For instance, you can use multiple braids, which work well if your hair is extremely long. Try it and see if it works.

Use a T-Shirt

When most people think of sleeping with curls, they may not think about putting a t-shirt over their head like a turban. However, this can be quite the effective way of handling your curly hair. You pin a shirt to your forehead, and tie the sleeves like a knot. For pinning, use a safety pin and be cautious. This should create a turban that is loose. The reason this method is appealing is that most people have a t-shirt lying around somewhere, and if there’s a shirt you don’t wear regularly, it’s perfect for the role.

Try a Pillow Made From Satin

If you don’t want to tie your hair up or put it in a unique shape, one thing you can try is get a new pillow made from satin.

This is something you should try already, and you can use it in addition to other techniques as well. When you have unique, curly hair, what you sleep on can make or break your hair. With a pillow made of satin or silk, your hair shouldn’t frizz. This is because it glides on the surface.

Some people may use a satin bonnet as an alternative to a pillowcase, or they may end up using both. One thing to be cautious of is that everyone sleeps differently. Some people may not like how satin feels. A bonnet could help with that, but again, some people are light sleepers. Try different combinations and see how it works for you.

Parting Thoughts

Curly hair can be a blessing, but it can be a curse when you’re trying to keep it as frizz-free as possible. Besides being mindful of what you put in your hair, you also need to think about how you sleep. By trying these methods above, you can sleep much better at night knowing your hair is going to last a long time.

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